5 Signs Your Dog Absolutely Loves You

Posted by Amanda Langill on

We all love our dogs and most of us treat them like they're our own children. Frankly, if you're reading this blog, I'm assuming you yourself are overly obsessed with your fur baby in the absolute best way. 

But what are some signs that your dog is telling you that they love you? Sure they may bring you some toys every once in a while, but is that to express their affection, or is it so you can throw it for them to play a little fetch? 

Dog moms and dog dads, listen up, because these are signs that you should be looking for to reaffirm that your pup looks at you with love in their eyes.

1. Your Dog Gives You Gifts

Okay we just teased this one a little bit, but this is one of my favorite ways dogs tell their owners that they love them. Something Scout does every single time that we come home is he brings us one of his favorite stuffed animals to welcome us. Whether it be his lamb chop, or tennis ball, he wants to share some of his favorite things with some of his favorite people.

2. They Love to Sleep With You

In the wild, dogs sleep in defensive positions just in case any threats are to approach. They'll even lay facing the wind to pick up any scents that are headed in their direction. So the fact that your dog will snuggle up with you in bed, lay belly up, and leave themselves exposed shows that they trust you and see you as part of their family or pack! 

woman sitting with arm around golden retriever wearing white hoodie

3. They Follow You Everywhere You Go

Okay, I'm sure most of us have tried to take a step only to trip over our pup who is constantly at our feet or walking into our legs. It may get a little annoying sometimes, but it is another way that they show us how much they love us. They want to be by our side every step of the way, and they display this unconditional love in this way. 

4. Your Dog Loses Their Marbles When They See You

Not actual marbles, but you get the point. You might get a little overwhelmed, but when your dog goes absolutely crazy, maybe by jumping on you, getting a burst of the zoomies, whatever the case may be. This is just more proof that they are obsessed with you and couldn't be happier that you FINALLY came home - even if you were only gone for about 5 minutes. 

5. Puppy Dog Eyes 

Yes, they're a real thing. 

Eye contact with dogs is interesting. When dogs meet each other, generally one of them looks away, recognizing one of them as the alpha of the two. But with us, when your dog looks at you with those relaxed, "puppy dog eyes", they are showing their affection and love for you. 


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