Help! My Dog Won't Drink Water!

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How much Water Does My Dog Need?

Water is something most species on this planet all need in order to survive. Depending on how active you are, we need to consume a certain amount to stay hydrated, and the same goes for dogs.

But like most things for dogs, the amount of water they need daily depends on their size. So let’s get into how much water your dog needs to stay nice and healthy.

The math is pretty simple.Your dog should get 1 ounce of water per pound they weight. So if your dog weighs 30 pounds, they should have about 30 ounces of water. Easy, right? But keep in mind, if they’re active during the day, they may need more.


What if My Dog Won't Drink Water?

Some dogs, like our own, have trouble finding motivation to drink water on their own until they are desperately needing it. This is a problem because even a slight miss on water intake can cause symptoms of dehydration to appear. So it is important to keep our dogs hydrated at all times and not just when they have been running around outside or laying in the hot sun.

Luckily if your dog won't drink water, there are some simple solutions to help keep them hydrated.

Add water to their food. Adding water to their food, whether it is dry kibble, fresh food, or wet food, can make them drink enough water. The water will take on the flavor of the food and make it more appealing to your dog. The longer you let it soak, the more the water will taste like the food.

Give your dog foods that are rich in water. This would be things like watermelon, cucumber, melon, blueberries, and peppers. By giving these types of snacks as treats instead of dog treats from a bag they are getting a higher level of water intake. 

Try frozen treats. A great way to get your dog to have water is to make it fun. Add some water and chicken broth to an ice tray and freeze. The dog will have fun licking for the taste of the chicken broth. Freezing a treat in the mix as well can be a fun game for your dog and may get them to eat more of the frozen treat.

This one may seem obvious but make sure they always have access to clean water. Empty out the dog water bowl daily and replace with fresh, clean, cool water. This may be more enticing to them to drink from a clean bowl and from water that doesn't have dust and other things floating in it.


Of course, if your dog is having dehydration issues you want to talk to your vet. Make sure they are on the right treatment path and that there is no underlying issues that needs attention.

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