What is the Best Dog Leash? | Why I Don't Like Retractable Dog Leashes

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Let's face it. We're all obsessed with getting the best products for our dogs. Whether they're old dogs or little puppies, shopping for them is our favorite thing to do. Well, it is for me at least! I've always been obsessed with getting the best and most safe products for my Mini Australian Shepherd, Scout. We're constantly looking at the healthiest food for him, and the safest products so he can live his best life. 

But obviously looking for the best stuff for Scout doesn't stop at food and toys. We always want the best products for dog walking, too. Whether that be harnesses, collars, or leashes. And after trying out different dog leashes over the years, we've found what we believe to be the best of the best style of dog leash. 

First, I want to talk about why I personally don't love retractable leashes. 

Retractable leashes sound like a great idea in theory. It gives you the opportunity to give your dog a longer lead, and when you need to, bring it in and shorten your distance. But I've found two big setbacks with these types of dog leashes. 

1) You never know what can happen on a walk. When you give your dog all of the slack they desire on a retractable leash, something can happen at any moment. And because they are so far out, you might not have the control needed to calm the potential situation. 

2) You run the risk of the long lead wrapping around your dog's leg and potentially injuring them or chafing them. 

I know there are people who love these leashes and that's great. In the end, it really is all about comfort and your own personal preferences. But those are just a couple of reasons why I tend to stay away from them. 

The best leash that I've found is the Double Handle Dog Leash

peach double handle dog leash

This leash offers not only a padded handle at the top, but a second padded handle just a few inches up from your dog. 

These leashes are the best whether you live in the country or in the city. When walking your dog, it really all comes down to control. Again, you never know when something might happen and you want to give yourself the best opportunity to regain that control of the situation. 

If you live in a busy, congested area, the second handle is amazing for walking through crowds. Something you always find yourself doing while walking down those busy sidewalks is wrapping your leash around your hand to keep your dog close. With this second handle, you don't need to do that anymore. You can simply hold onto it and keep your pup close by. Plus, we've all dealt with a little "rug burn" from wrapping our leashes around our hand if we have a "puller". Sometimes even a little cut off circulation. That will not happen with this second, padded handle!

Even if you're in a rural area, there are still plenty of situations where you need to keep your dog close by your leg. This is exactly why we love this leash. 

golden retriever on ocean theme dog leash

These leashes also come with strong, black metal clasps that have been strength tested by some of the strongest pullers we know. Safety is always the number one priority, and this is something that we pride ourselves on with our leashes. 

Plus, we made sure to add a little ring up near your top handle where you can clip anything you need. Whether it be your car keys, pepper spray, or poop bags, it makes your walks extremely convenient. 

They're a massive hit in the dog walking community. These dog leashes have received amazing 5-star reviews from professional dog walkers and dog parents all over the United States! Check this one out from Elisa in Connecticut:

"This is easily the best leash we've used (and we've tried many). That second handle makes it so easy to control Millie when we're in a large crowd or if we see something distracting on our walks. The leash is comfortable too and doesn't hurt your hands if you have a strong dog who likes to pull. I'll be buying a few more of this leash for sure!"

These leashes are the best thing we can do for our dog. They are strong, convenient, long lasting, and even come with industrial quality stitching. We've never felt more safe with a dog leash and the colors and patterns they come in are so unique and cute. 

And the fact that there's a 45-day money back guarantee and free shipping on all dog products through the US is just an added bonus. 

Dog leashes that are safe, secure, comfortable, durable, machine washable, and have amazing reviews aren't always easy to come by. But you can find them here and treat your dog to the best leashes available at a super reasonable price. Oh, and right now they're buy one, get your second 50% off!

Hope this helps you in your search for your new favorite dog leash brand!

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