Treats That Will Keep Your Dog Hydrated This Summer

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Finally! Winter is behind us and the summer sun is starting to peak through the clouds as we get deeper into the month of May. But much like we spoke about in our last blog, with the sun and the heat, comes some safety precautions that you need to be aware of to make sure your dog is safe and protected. 

A lot of dogs can't get enough of the sun. Some definitely don't like it and would prefer to be inside with the AC blasting, but a bunch of our pups love getting in some sunbathing on a hot Sunday afternoon. 

Hydration is absolutely vital to protecting your dog and making sure they are happy and healthy. So today, let's go over some of the best healthy snacks that are loaded with water. First off, let's talk about the fruits and veggies that can help you avoid dehydration in your dog. 

Fruits and vegetables are great because you can freeze them. So not only are you giving your good boy or girl a treat, but you're also giving them something that they can chew on to keep them busy. We know our dogs love to chew, so they might as well get some nutritional value out of it, right? 

Scout, our Mini Aussie, is obsessed with *seedless* watermelon. And I mean obsessed. They are his favorite treat -- that isn't popcorn -- that makes him go absolutely nuts. So it makes it pretty easy to keep his hydration levels up. 

Other fruits though that are great for this too, include cantaloupe, strawberries and oranges. 

small black and white dog on gray couch with green uncut watermelon

Of course you should always give your dog these types of treats in moderation, like anything else, but fruits are excellent little snacks for the health benefits and the taste. They're so sweet that they're almost like a dessert anyway, right? 

Another fruit that is incredible for hydration is the cucumber. Which yes, is in fact a fruit... I just had to Google that to make sure. 

As far as veggies go, celery and carrots are also amazing to keep your dog hydrated in the sun. Carrots are actually one of our favorite things to freeze for Scout because of how long it takes him to get through it. It really keeps him happy and healthy which is all you can ask for. 

Light brown beagle with white patches smiling in front of green bushes

Other Ideas For Frozen Dog Treats 

Healthy and nutritious dog treats don't need to stop at fruits and veggies. While these may not have the same hydration benefits, you can make plenty of DIY frozen snacks at home that will at least keep them nice and cool. 

For example, you can take an ice tray and poor any type of broth with no sodium in them. From there you can also add little treats into the broth like blueberries or any of the other berries we mentioned before. After you mix in your broth and berries, go ahead and stick them in the freezer. Once frozen, you have a little healthy snack for your best friend. 

Any other ideas for treats that can help keep your dog hydrated? Even cool during the summer months? Leave a comment down below and let us know!

As always, before feeding your dog anything, please check with your veterinarian to make sure it is safe for their consumption. 

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