What You Need In Your Dog First Aid Kit

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Dog First Aid Kits are so important to have on hand when you are out adventuring with your dog. This is especially the case if you're the outdoors type who loves to go on hikes, camping, whatever it may be. You never know when something could happen, and you always want to be prepared for your dog, because they can't prepare themselves! 

Even the American Kennel Club says that you should always have a dog first aid kit ready to go, even when at home, because you never know when you'll need it. 

So let's go over the 12 things we think absolutely should be in your kit so you're always prepared. 

Also, just remember, when dealing with any type of medical issue with your pup, consult with a vet first thing

blula dog first aid kit showing all supplies

Ice Packs:

Ice packs are essential for the obvious reasons. Much like us humans, dogs will always end up with bumps, and some with bruises, after playing just a little too hard. Ice packs help do things like reduce swelling, so they're always good to have at the ready. 


Thermometer's are essential. For reasons I'm not going to go too far into here, dogs need different thermometer's than you and I. Knowing where their body temperature is at is crucial to understanding the next steps to take. 

Alcohol Wipes:

These are excellent to have so YOU can sterilize your hands before you start handling your pup, especially if they have an open wound. 


Bandages are perfect and small enough to have where you can use them in case of small cuts, bites, or scrapes.

Antiseptic Wipes:

These are ideal to clean around your dog's possible open wound. Infections can be scary and doing what you can to prevent them is a must. 

Emergency Blanket:

Used for protection against hypothermia or cold weather.


Sometimes our dogs just play too hard. A splint is used to stabilize any fractured limbs that may have occurred during an accident. 

Gauze Roll and Pads:

If your dog does sustain an open wound and is bleeding, you would use these to control the bleeding. 

blula dog first aid kit opened showing all packed


Tape is used to hold the gauze or splint in place so it does not move.

Round Edge Scissors: 

These are needed to cut the gauze off of the roll or off of the dog. 


Tweezers are easily one of the most critical things to have in your first aid kit. Whether you are using it to pull out a splinter, a tick, or even a stinger if you're unable to scrape it out, they are so important to have. Even if you don't have the kit with you, bringing these along in your pocket is a great idea. 


Going back to the infection piece, gloves are a great way to protect the wound from anything you may have on your hand, and they obviously also act as a barrier between whatever wound you're working on, and your skin. 

I hope this helps you in your quest for protecting your dog and keeping them safe in any and all situations! Dogs are our best friends, and you never want to be caught without the proper tools if they get hurt. Having a first aid kit handy in case of the worst, like your dog falling and scraping themselves along a rock in the woods, is vital to a happy and healthy dog live. 

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Like anything, make sure to call your Vet and get their opinions on anything health and safety related for your dog. We may be dog parents who love their pups, but we are not experts. Please check with your vet before proceeding.

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