If you still cannot find the answers to your questions on this page, feel free to reach out to us at contact@shopblula.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible. 

Shipping questions

Items shipping from our pet product warehouse (leashes, collars, harnesses, etc.) can be expected to ship the day after your order. Items not shipping from this warehouse will vary depending on location, order quantity, and type of item, but you can expect them to ship 4-7 days after ordering.

Many of our products ship from different warehouses and may come in separate packaging. This is normal and you can track all packages with the tracking number emailed to you.

Yes. All orders are accompanied by a tracking number regardless of where they are shipped from.

Shipping is free from the U.S and around the U.S. Shipping to other countries will vary and you will receive that cost at checkout.

Returns, Exchanges, warranty

We allow returns and exchanges within 14 days of receiving your items.

If your items are eligible for return we will assign you a return label and will refund you or process an exchange for you.

We hold the right to deny any return or exchange if we determine the item was not returned in the same condition it was received.

Any items that are on sale/clearance or are part of a final sale promotion are final sale and cannot be returned or exchanged.

To start your return process, email us at contact@shopblula.com and someone from our team will reach out to get you a return label.

To start your exchange process, email us at contact@shopblula.com and someone from our team will help you. We will provide a return label and we will need to receive the item(s) before shipping out the item(s) you are exchanging for.

We offer a 45 day quality guarantee on harnesses, collars, leashes, and travel bags. This means that if the product does not perform properly due to manufacturing, you can receive a full refund. This does NOT include normal wear and tear, chewing, misplaced items, or anything caused by using the item incorrectly.

If you believe your item does not meet your standards of quality due to manufacturing or if the item is not performing properly, contact us at contact@shopblula.com and someone on our team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

harness questions

Dogs are similar to humans and carry their weight differently. For example, a 30lb Beagle and a 65lb German Short Haired Pointer could potentially fit in the same size harness. One has a barrel chest, one has a narrow chest. Although they weigh different amounts they carry that weight much differently.

With that being said, it is always best to measure before purchasing. We have put together a fit guide to help you as best we can with deciding on size. Click here.

For starters, you won't find these patterns and harnesses anywhere else! This is not another one of your generic dog shops that uses the same harness from the same manufacturer as others. Our owner hand designed each pattern.

We also use a unique, wide curved design to keep the harness comfortable for your pet. The width across the chest is wider than a strap harness to prevent pressure points hurting your dog. The curved design on the chest prevents rubbing on your dog's arms.

The harnesses are designed to sit a little lower on the chest as well to avoid contact with the neck. This prevents neck injury.

The 4 adjustable straps allow you to get a perfect fit for your dog. Tighten it where needed, loosen it where needed.

Harnesses are a much safer option than collars when it comes to walking our dogs. It prevents neck injury, can assist in training and pulling, and if sized correctly, can be much less likely to slip out of them.

Collar questions

Our collars have an amazing range and can be adjusted quite a bit! Measure your dog's neck to get the perfect fit.

Yes! Our collars are made with a highly durable plastic clip that allows it to be both safe and light on your dog's neck.

All of our collars are machine washable. Toss it in the wash on a light cycle, preferably in a mesh bag, and then hang to dry.

Leash questions

The second handle allows you to have more control over your dog and ultimately making walks much safer. The second handle is located only a short distance from your dog and allows you to bring your dog closer when they are pulling, crossing the street, or getting too close to another dog or person.

The handle also aids in training to not pull and to heal.

The handles are made of a cotton mesh blend that make them, what most have said, the most comfortable leash!

Yes! They are amazing for pullers because they can simultaneously help you train your dog to not pull and keep them safe when they do.

CLothing questions

When you unpack your clothing items you may notice a slight vinegar-like smell. This is totally normal! The smell is coming from a fixation agent applied during the printing process and will come out in the first wash. It allows the ink to fuse to the garment.

When you unpack your clothing items you may notice a slight discoloration or a white residue over portions of the garment. This is normal and due to a fixation agent (a primer) use in the printing process. It will fix itself in the first wash. 

This clothing collection is so special to us! 100% of the profits from this collection go towards helping pets in need of emergency surgeries. This is a cause so close to our hearts and we can't wait to be helping others through such a difficult, unprecedented time!