Dog Apparel Instructions

How exciting! You've received your dog products in the mail and are ready to get them on your dog! We've broken down just a few things you should know about how the items should fit, how to adjust them, safety tips, and how to care for them.


How Should the Items Fit?

Harness - When putting the harness on your dog, you'll notice a size tag. This size tag should be aligned with your dog's chest. The fabric will be against their chest and the clip and loops will be on their back. The harness should be on the tighter side but not restricting. A well fitting harness will not gap or cause rolls of skin, and will stay put with minimal movement as the dog is walking. You should be able to fit two fingers in between the dog and the harness.

Collar - Collars should not be too tight as this can be a choking risk. To make sure the collar fits appropriately, take your index and ring fingers and point them out together, similar to finger guns or the sign language symbol for "h". Slide your fingers, perpendicular to your dog's skin, in between the collar and dog. With the perfect fit you'll be able to fit two fingers comfortably.

How to Adjust the Items

Items may be tough to adjust but this is normal - and also a good thing since we don't want our little ones wiggling out!


Here is a video of how to properly adjust the straps of the collars and harnesses. 

Some Safety Tips

  • Never leave your dog unattended in a crate with a collar, harness, or leash
  • Ensure the perfect fit
  • Monitor your dog while wearing apparel
  • Check apparel frequently for wear and tear
  • Check sizing frequently to make sure your dog has not outgrown or loosened the sizing it was on

Care Instructions

Our items are all made for daily use and we know daily life can get messy! So all of our products are machine washable. Place them in the washer on cold and then hang them to air dry.