7 Tips to Keep Your Dog Calm During Fireworks

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Fireworks are a phenomenal family friendly event. No matter what age you are, people always look forward to them. But there is a pretty big downfall to the nighttime light show. Your dog might not be too happy to be hearing the loud bangs and pops. Some dogs get extremely anxious and scared during the fireworks show, and frankly, some even pee whenever they hear them go off. Well, mine at least did growing up. 

Even though we can't control them, there are a few things that you can do to help your dog in this situation. 

Create a Little Safe Room For Them 

There's nothing like your own little safe haven. And I bet your dog would say the same thing. Take some of their favorite treats, some brain games, and maybe even a white noise machine to drown out the bangs, and give your dog a place of zen. Distractions can be the best medicine. 

Get Them Pooped... 

You know what I mean. Get them nice and tired before your day ends with plenty of exercise, walking and sniffing. Giving them tons of stimulation throughout the day can be a huge piece into getting them to possibly sleep through, or just relax through the chaotic noises. This doesn't just mean you need to run them around... Even though that could help. But plenty of brain stimulation too can be great. Things like wrapping treats inside of blankets and making them find them can do the trick. 

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Move Up Your Nightly Routine

This might be a little difficult, but if you can, moving up your dog's routine so they can at least be inside during the fireworks show can be important. If you have a dog who hates the flashing lights and loud pops, then having them outside during the event won't be ideal. Give them dinner a little earlier and bring them out for their nightly potty break ahead of time so they aren't front and center for the grand finale. 

Give CBD or Dog Pheromones a Try

Pheromone diffusers can be great for some dogs, but that doesn't mean all dogs. Although studies have shown that these can help anxiety in your pup. 

You can also give CBD a try which I know, not everyone is a big fan of. CBD works great for calming our dog, Scout's, anxiety. 

Keep the Curtains Drawn

This one is pretty self explanatory, but the light show that goes along with fireworks can certainly be a bit overstimulating for your pooch. Especially if they already deal with anxiety. 


Distract your pup with some of their favorite toys, treats, and even people! Keep them happy and entertained during these frightening times for them. 

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Finally... YOU Need to Stay Calm

I'm talking to you! Dogs feed off of our energy. When we get upset, they know. When we get nervous, they somehow know. So if you start stressing out in order to solve their issues, it likely won't help the situation. Just sit there with your dog, enjoy spending time with your best friend, and give them all of the pets and scratchies they could ever ask for until the show is over. They may despise fireworks, but they like spending time with you so much more than their hatred for the evil bright lights. 

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Like anything, make sure to call your Vet and get their opinions on anything health and safety related for your dog. We may be dog parents who love their pups, but we are not experts. Please check with your vet before proceeding.

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